Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Yearington, Nevada's Birding Adventure

We had one fantastic adventure today.  It statred out slow but ended up being great.
Wilson Canyon is a gorge cut by the Walker River through a series of volcanic cliffs. The canyon is located 13 miles southwest of Yerington, along Nevada State Route 208, run by BLM.  Many birds are found at the site, along the Walker River.

DesertDale, is not sure just what type of hawk this young on is.  But as you  can see it is very young.  If it is a Swainson's they are widespread 
Here he is straching out his wings.
DesertDale belives this is a very young Bullock's Oriole.  They are solitary or  in very small groups.
Desertdale said this is a Oriole's nest .  seen in onne of the trees at Wilson's Canyon site.
There are many onion fields in the area.  They employ many Farm Workers.

Founded in 1978, Nevada Onion Inc. is a mid-sized organization in the vegetables and melons farms industry located in Yerington, NV. It has 45 full time employees and generates an estimated $7.1 million in annual revenue.

Our site near Mason's Fish Hatchery is a great site to boondock.


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