Thursday, August 04, 2016

Bodga Bay Adventure

We had 3 days of , fantastic, enjoyment.  That has to be my be my favorite site of all time.  As that was one of site Desertdale took me on one of our first outings.  We did many of joyable days if fishing from his boat.
 This was taken many of years ago when we first started our lives tohether in 2003.
This is a view of Muscle Point from the Head at Bodega.  What a fantastic view of the Ocean.
 This ia a Black Oystercatcher,  They are found along the Pacific Coast.
 This is a Willet.  They are common on beaches and coastal saltmarshes.
 The Western Gull is common in any open coastal habitat.
 The Pelagic Cormorants are common on the ocean waters, along rocky coasts.  DesertDale was able to taken this photo with 4 in the nest.
We had DesertDale's old fishing buddy with us, George.  Donna was not in the photo but enjoyed her company also.

We have more fantastic  photos of the seabirds that DesertDale has taken .  Will be posting them as time goes by.



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