Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lake Havasu On The Exit List

Good morning to all of my readers.
We had some different type of excitement this time around. First we had a armed robbers come into our area. Police all over the area. They got one of them but not the other one.
Then the "Big Shots" of Lake Havasu closed all over night camping, at the site next to the race tract, down. So they came by our site and said we could not park there at night. Had to move our rig when the races were over that day.
Kent and Craig went out and found us a site a few miles out of town. Boy! They found a much nicer site for boondocking.
We have been parking there every year sence we started to come to the races. I know one thing we will not spend any of our "hard working money" in that cheap skate town any more.
So as far as I am concern the officials of Lake Havasu City can go to h---. They deserve nothing in return for their generosity.
We now have one beautiful site. Where the birds sing. Plus a mama bird was feed her "liitle one" on DesertDale KTM this morning. Tried to get a photo but was not fast enough.
Hope you all have a very plesant week-end. As I know DesertDale and Kitfoxgal , along with Kent , Leann and Craig well. Kitfoxgal (P.S. it has taken me all this time to go in and correct my errors and I know there was many of them.)

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