Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WORCS Races At Lake Havasu

Good morning to all my "dear friends" out there. That means Leann,Kent and Craig. Hope you are feeling better Kent. You cna pass those bruises and bumps my way if you want and i will pass them to the next person in line.
Kent, Craig, DesertDale and the Kitfoxgal all went back into Lake Havasu to watch the "Pros" race on the last day of racing. Leann stayed back at camp to take care of Bailey.
There were many people , plus DesertDale, that took photos that day.
Ricky Dietrich won the race. Mike Brown came in 2nd on his KTM 250F. With Kurt Caselli coming in 3rd on his KTM 250F. Brown and Caselli got into a little tuff on the Podium.
There was a short cut over the lagoon, if you wanted to take it. I think there was about 10 riders that did. One rider road up there , took a look at it, then just turned around and took the long way.
I did enjoyed the race. Will be keeping my blog short and sweet. Hope you enjoy the photos DesertDale took.
All most forgot about this prize of a photo showing "Papa" helping a "little on".
Think of you readers often. Kitfoxgal
P.S. Just had to post the photo of the "little baby bird" that flew up on our T.V. Dish. He was being feed by "Mama Bird". Just did not get to take a photo of that. But did enjoy seeing it.

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