Friday, April 02, 2010

Deadlist Catch Back On The Bering Sea

Good morning folks. The weather has been windy but real nice today and no wind.
Richard and DesertDale are riding their bikes today. I will go bull s---with Virginia.
The "Deadlist Catch" was on Discovery the other night, for their 5th season.
The crews are: Northwestern,Capt. Sig, with 6 crew members; The Time Bandit, Capt. Johnathan who owens his boat, with a 7 man crew; The ConeliaMarie, Capt.Phil who has been fishing for 33 years, with a 4 man crew; The Wizard, Capt. Keith who shares duty with his brother, has a 7 man crew;The Incentive, Capt. "Big Dad", has a 4 man crew; The LisaMarie, Capt. Wade who has been fishing sence 1992, has a crew of 4; The Frailblazer, Capt. Wayne who has been fishing sence 1974, with a crew of 7. They are the crews for this years episodes.
I enjoy them all as DesertDale and I went fishing in the ocean many of times with his 21ft boat named The

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