Friday, June 25, 2010

Adventure On Our Way Back To Bend

Good morning to all.
We had one fine adventure back to Bend. First of all I had a little "Oh Whee" on my face that the doctor had look to at, that was why we were in the Sac. area to begin with. It will come off on July 19.

We also made a over-night stop at DesertDale's, Cousin Phil's, home in Red Bluff,Ca.
It just so happens that Phil's birthday was on that day, the 23 of June. We took them out to dinner early at at very fine place that sets on the banks of the Sacramento River.
We went back to Phil and Pat's place.

Phil and Pat's children came by with a "Birthday Cake" and Ice Cream.
First time I had the pleasure of meeting their children. Had a fine visit.

Phil just happen to take DesertDale and Kitfoxgal's photo at the "Birthday" party. I almost forgot to say it was DesertDale's birthday on the next day, June 24th. He always tell Phil he is the younger of the two.

We got up very early the 24th to head back too our rig, at Bend. DesertDale gave me a big treat and took be to breakfast at the Pollard Flat's Restaurant What a joy that was. It was the old time type truck-stop. The "Cook" was everything, owener, cook, server, cashier. If he was busy cooking you sat yourself, and got your own coffee, water or what ever. It was one of a kind you just don't find anymore. Oh! Yes the food was A1 and served with a smile. You were busy just looking at all the things that was posted on the walls. Sorry I did not get a photo of the place but the owner was cute.

"Happy Birthday" DesertDale.

You all take care. Kitfoxgal.

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