Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Love Is A Many Splendid Thing

Good morning to all you fine folks out there, in the land of honey. Great place to live.
Belive it or not I think we finally have our "Fishing Camper" sold. Here's keeping my figures crossed.

DesertDale took this photo, of the 2 "Love Bugs" , it is the real thing, just out side our rig, at Uncle John's home in Bend.
We enjoyed the loving reptile so much just had to share it.

The reptiles have scaly skin and feet with claws on their toes. They breth through thier lungs, both the adults and young do.
The common reptiles are snakes, turtles, "lizards" alligators and crocadiles. They also very in size.

As you know this is our site at the Alfafa Site. DesertDale has found out it is a great site for trail riding.
He will be getting his new "KTM" before long. He is going to give his "Old Baby" to his son, Ken.

So long folks at this posting. Hope you have a life as adventurous as mine has been these last 8 years. Kitfoxgal

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