Thursday, August 09, 2012

Birds In Paradise The Yellow Warbles

Good afternoon to all my readers.  We have moved from our favourite site in Oregon.
It is one fine birding site for DesetDale.
It is a campground.  The cost was only $8, with Golden Age Pass $4. 
There was more there then all kinds of birds.  Like this "Marmot".  Who often sits on a boulder above their burrow.

The Yellow Warble are very common in the summer in open woods orchards and willow thickets. They set about eating insects.  Their nests are placed in a upright fork of a shrub.  They winter in the southwest.
The females lacks the strips.  The males have chestnut strips on their chest and wings.
By the way we moved to Bog Hot Springs near Denio.  We will make sure we hit the hot springs in the early mornings or after the "hot" sun goes away.
 This is a black-crowned night heron. 

Enjoy live with your "partner", who ever it maybe.  Life is to short not too.


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