Monday, September 17, 2012

Vermilion Flycatcher Plus More

 Good afternoon folks.  Believe it or not I had this ready to post this morning,  But then I hit the wrong key and lost it all.
This are photos of the "Vermilion Flycatcher", that DesertDale took at some sites we stayed at in our travels.
 The first two photos were taken at Beatty, when we were in California.
The "Vermilion Flycatcher" is a very colorful, as you can see.  They prefer open habitats with some growth.  They like the drier climate, like here at "Pahranagat".
They are found year round as south as South America.  Their diet is "insects".
Both male and female raise the young.  The female has 2 to 4 eggs .
Then I just had to post this photo of the "Great Blue Heron" that DesertDale catch fetching his lunch .
Enjoy.  Kitfoxgal

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