Tuesday, November 12, 2013

American Girl Mine

DesertDale are parked out by the Cargo Muchacho Mtns. range.  You are viewing American Girl Mine.
In the 1800's the area was booming with the discovery of gold in the Cargo Muchacho Mountains.  A good many of the mines and miners lived in the Tumco area .

The American Girl Mine had about 200,000 tons of ore in it hay days in the early 1900s.  Then it lay inactive until the 1980s when it  was bought by Newmont Mining Co.  Then it  was reopen once again 1989 for another 10 years of mining.  Then the  gold prices was falling once again, it shut down again.
The tailing piles are many.
Current operation I can not find information on  it.  .
They are open but not sure what is going on.
Here is a site that you can get more info on the mine operation.  BLM has this :



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