Monday, November 04, 2013

Ocotillo's Of The Desert

Hello to all my readers.  We are at our "Home Site On Siderwinder".   We have been coming here since 2003.  The first year DesertDale and Kitfoxgal started their travels.  What a adventure it has been.

DesertDale and Dick took a early morning ride, on their bikes.

Ocotillos are very easy plant to identify in the desert. They are a large shrub with long spny
stems that grow from the  trunk.   They have small,  about 2 inch, leaves that  grow from the stems when they  get moisture. Then clusters of red tubular flowers grow from the end of the stems from March through June.  The photo above was taken the year of, I think, 2004. 
  There was a lot of rain that year.  I belive that was the year Ogilby Rd. was flooded over.
 As you can see by this photo there was not much rain here at our site off of Ogilby.
This is a close up shot that DesertDale took then.  They like rocky slopes, mesas, washes and desert grasslands.

This beauty of a Ocotillo plant was taken from Google.  They are also found in western Texas through to southern California also the Sonoran and the Chihuahua deserts.  They may live up to 100 years.

The hard working men are back from their ride.  They went 30 some odd miles.  Time for lunch.
  Enjoy life now, while you can.      Kitfoxgal


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