Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cibola Wildlife Refuge Adventure

Good morning to all my readers out there, in this land of beauty.

DesertDale took Kitfoxgal out birding, then to lunch.  That was one piss poor lunch and DesertDale agreed with me.  That restaurant in Blythe is off our list.

Cibola National Wildlife Refuge  is in the floodplain of the lower Colorado River and is surrounded by the desert and washes.  It is encompasses both the historic Colorado  River channel and also portion that was constructed in the late 1960's.  It is in part of the Sonoran Desert.
It is some 22 miles southwest of Blythe.

Over 288 species of birds have been found there.   Such as migratory songbirds, Gambel's quail, roadrunners, mourning and white-winged doves, phainopepla, the greater sandhill cranes, Canada and snow geese, Vermillion flycatchers.  Also the bald eagle and the southwestern willow flycatcher has been seen there.  Plus many more.

DesertDale even had the pleasure of seeing a Peregrine Falcon, a rare bird that was almost wiped out by DDT by the 60's.

This photo is one that I took, with my camera, DesertDale got me for Christmas., a Nikon.

Enjoy life now, while you can.  Kitfoxgal


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