Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mounting A Tow Bar On Our New Ram 1500 At Quartzsite

Hello to all my readers, out there in this land of beauty.  This is a view of our site off of Plomosa Rd. in Quartzsite, AZ.  

DesertDale and 2 other Boondocker friends put a Roadmaster Tow Bar Mounts on our Ram 1500 pickup.  It took them a few days, of a lot of work to install it.

I must say Carol is one fantastic woman.  She is willing to help any body with most anything, plus she knows what she is doing.  She sure does not mind getting a little grease on her hands.  As you can see Bill and DesertDale was helping her. 

The Mounting Bracket Kit came with instructions, that helped a lot. It is one of the EZ series brackets.  It allows the visible front portion of the bracket to  be easily removed from the front.  

It is advised  that the installer must read the instructions and use all bolts and parts supplied.  Plus be sure to use Loctite Red on all bolts that are used.  The safety cables must connect the towing vehicle to the towed vehicle frame to frame.  They knew that as it is a law.
There was 7 pages if instructions.  What a fine job the 3 did.  
Thanks Carol and Bill for the help. 

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