Monday, January 27, 2014

"Saturday NightLive In Bouse"

Good afternoon to all .  Hope you enjoy this posting as much as Velma and I did at the showing of :
(photo from  Google)

                                **************Saturday Night Live In Bouse***************
There was the "6th Annual Comedy Revue presented by the Friends of the Bouse Library.  Directed by Pat Walch.  What a magnificent show it turned out to be.    My favorite was  the gentleman who played "Shania Twain."  He was or is a truck driver that is about 6'4" and around 230 or more.  He did a A1 job .  Made you laugh the whole time he was on stage.
There was some 18 acts.  With some 26  men and woman  imitating someone that has been on "Saturday Night Live".
With some 23 establishment donating prizes , that was given out to the audience, .the was several prizes..
I won 5 gallon of propane given out by Bouse Propane.

The night was A1.

The Donkey show starts on  Thursdays. It was very enjoyably.   DesertDale and Kitfoxgal seen it last year.

Enjoy Kitfoxgal

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