Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Mittry Lake Adventure On Christmas Eve

Hope you all have a "Merry Christmas".

DesertDale took me on a "Bird Outing".  We ended up at  Mittry Lake north of Yuma.
Not many birds but what a fantastic adventure it turned out to be.
We even stopped at the "Imperial Date Gardens" in Bard, Ca., where DesertDale bought me some of those fine dates.  There was much more to buy, but I settled for the Dates and a ice cream cone.

The Mittry Lake Wildlife Area includes about 600 acres of water and 2400 acres of marsh . There is a variety of  vegetative and wildlife species can be found.
There are many serpentine waterways connect to the main lake.  Plus much boating.

There are vault toilets, boat ramp, dumpsters, many camp site, jetties for the fishermen , also for the handicapped.  Plus sites to go swimming.  Many sites for  the "bird" lovers.  There are many areas for sighting seeing.
The Laguna Dam is on the Colorado River, north east of Yuma. Since  1948 irrigation water for the project has been diverted from the Imperial Dam, which is about 5 miles up stream.
It has a structural height of 43 ft. and well up to 486,800 cubic yards of water.

I hope you all have a "Merry Christmas" and eat well and enjoy who ever you are with.

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