Monday, February 24, 2014

Adventure In The Ahakhav Tribe Park In Parker

Good morning folks.  Here goes another posting, of some kind.  So enjoy it.
This will be a birding expedition in Parker.  We are at a site 8 miles west of Bouse, AZ.  A few of the other Boondockers are here the rest will arrive in a few days.
Baker Bill, Dwayne and Toni , plus the Kitfoxgal went to Bingo last Thursday .  We all enjoyed our self's, without winning.  

Our Birding adventure took us into the Ahakhav  Tribe Park in Parker, AZ.  
The Colorado River Indian Tribes Reservation was established in 1865.   Then in 1945 a portion of the reservation was reserved for colonization by Indians of the tribes.  
It has been used for agriculture, recreation, government and light industry.  Around     84,500 acres are now cultivation and another 50,000 acres are development. 
The Ahaklav  Tribe Park is a great site for birds, as DesertDale has found out.  

This one and the bird above is Vermilion Flycatcher DesertDale took on our outing. 
 They on found in south Nevada, Aziona and New Mexico 

This is a Gila Woodpecker that are brash and noisy of the desert areas.

 This is a female Vermilion Flycatcher.  A few do wander east along the Gulf Coast in winter.

These birds are "White-Faced Ibis".    They are fairly common in western marshes.

Lunch time has arrived .  See you all neat posting .  
Hope you enjoy this posting.  Kitfoxgal 

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