Saturday, February 13, 2016

Birding In The Yuma Area

Went Birding at 6:45 a.m. pst.  There was many rigs at the BLM camp site on Ogilby Rd.  and HWY.8, as there is a 3 day holiday this week-end .
There are many autos parked at the casino at Algodones Rd and the 8.

Birding at our old site in Yuma, at the East Wetlands.  Many Yellow-rumped  Warbler.  DesertDale's daughter calls them Yellow Butts.
They are one of the easiest  warblers to learn.  There also was many, many finches.
We also seen a couple of Roadrunners.  They are so fast it is hard to get a good photo of one.
DesertDale took this photo a few months ago at same site.
The Belted Kingfisher is a solitary bird of almost everywhere.

The Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher are easily seen in the west, where it inhabits in lower oaks and junipers .
Back to our site on Sidewinder  for lunch. As DesertDale will cook some Johnsonville Brats, with roasted pepper.   Ummm good.
Will enjoy our lunch .  Kitfooxgal

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