Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hickman Chicken Farm Plus More


DeaertDale and Kitfoxgal was on the road by 7:30am  Tuesday morning,  the 15th .  We are on our way to our site near Tucson.
As we passed the Atomic Energy Plant.  All along the road way near the plant they had sirens on telephones.
The Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant is in the Arizona desert near I-10.  But we were on the Old Buckeye Rd.  The plant evaporates the water from treated sewage plants. 
In 1926 the Highway Dept.  commissioned the construction  of the steel truss bridge across the Gila River on US-80.  The bridge opened on Aug. 1 ,1927.
This the photo of where the dam was, at one time, now you see a fisherman just standing there and waiting for the big one to bite, 
 We stopped to get gas, dump, water and propane at the Shell Station 
The station has several figures like this standing all around their station. 
As we drove on,  we passed this Solar Plant.  The Solar System is derived from or relating to the sun.
Almost forgot say something about the biggest chicken farm in the U.S. on Buckeye Road, near
 Palo Verde.  (photo  from goggle)
We were hot and tired ,as this was our first 300 mile day in sometime when we got to Tucson.
DesertDale even stopped at Subway to get a sandwich for us to enjoy, setting in the  cool shade to eat it.
It was a fun trip .  Kitfoxgal

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