Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ash Canyon Hummingbird Adventure , Plus More

 We are off to  Ash Canyon for a Hummingbird Adventure, but we got much more then that.
On our ride to Ash Canyon I had the pleasure of listing to "Ranger Doug's Cowboy Classics", on Sirius 59.
When we got to Sierra Vista we seen a double wide burning.  Fire Department was there.

Saw many wild flower blooming along the road way.
What a fine site.  I want to think Loyal and Rose for telling us about Ash Canyon Bed and Breakfast site.
The Ash Canyon Bed & Breakfast site has a Casita plus much more. It is a place for birds and for people to enjoy life and nature .  Plus tips for planning your next birding trip.
You have peace and quiet plus lots of birds and wild life.
 Wild life like the deer, that peeked his head out of the weeds or this squirrel, that was just a few feet from DesertDale.
or this Scott's Oriolo
This Roadrunner was up in  a tree.  He even  stayed long enough for  DesertDale to take this photo.

They are open year round. They offer non-smoking  unit that are set in oak forests of the Huachuca Mountains.
There is a 3-night minimum in March 1 through September 15.  Staying 2 or more weeks at a discount during winter season.
Feeding Station hours are, Wednesdays noon to dusk.  All other days  dawn to dusk,  $5 person, no rest-rooms.  Person with tripods for photography are charged $15 more.

Hope you all enjoy this posting .  Many more photos to come out of 540 that DesertDale took.

Enjoy life while you can, as we are.  Kitfoxgal



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